Chapter 3
What we do
As we have mentioned many times throughout this playbook, we strive to make great projects. To do this, we work closely as a team. We don’t believe in just handing work over to the next employee on the factory line. That's why we use Sprints and agile development as much as possible. Designers should not just hand over work to a developer and say “Here you go, now code”.

Creative minds should have a realistic approach to the project, and work with the team as a collective, rather than just letting the juices flow, passing on their work to the next in line. Everybody needs to be involved, at different stages, throughout the project.
“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”
True words from Mr. Albert Einstein, but the need for an idea to develop is crucial.
User Experience
"It’s such a beautiful piece of work, why is nobody using it?"
Simple, they don’t know how or why. There is no house without an architect and before the paint is slapped on and the workers start building, they plan and draw up the blueprints. User Experience, in short UX, is the foundation of all our projects. It includes elements of interaction design, information architecture, user research, and a range other disciplines. It all contributing to the overall experience delivered to your users. A good experience ensures that users return, recommend your product and leave good ratings.
Visual Design
While we are heavily based in User-Experience design, we also understand that this cannot be achieved without the right Visual design. The visual process, starts with the brand, users, interactions and ends with a purposeful product. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, strongly rooted in simplicity and our clients collaboration.
Bringing design to life is as important as anything else. We don’t outsource, cut corners or “just” hand over design to developers and hope for the best. We include developers, from beginning to end. That way we can constantly get input and ensure that knowledge of technical opportunities and difficulties are included in the design process.

Talking of technical opportunities, we love data and so do our developers. This is a big part of creating not only a visual and user friendly concept, but also to get a look at the “extra opportunities”, where clients can gain further insights into their user’s behavior. In short, we bring design to life and spoil you with data.
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