Chapter 4
During the project
As stated earlier, everybody needs process. Our people need to communicate with each other, and they need to communicate with you. All the time. As we have tasks during the project, so do our clients and since this is a collaboration it’s important to know what is expected.
Being a customer at ajukreizi is a commitment. The project is yours and we’re your team of experts, we guide and produce but you’re the captain of the ship. Meetings, Q&A and feedback is vital during a project.
We’re agile
Designing a new product is an exploratory process; we plan, design, build, test and learn. All of this happens within a sprint, as described earlier, then we repeat this process - to improve through iteration.
Everything can and should be revisited, at least once. We constantly benchmark, every sprint and phase against each other.
We constantly test everything, to ensure we are on track to achieving our goals. Testing can be done in multiple formats, spanning across users and devices. What matters is that we only build and design products, that we know will work.
One thing is testing, another is client feedback. Client feedback is crucial to ensure that the product doesn’t only make sense from a user’s perspective, but also makes sense from a business perspective. To ensure this, we involve our clients as much as possible throughout the project.
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Chapter 5
Ready for development