Chapter 5
Ready for development
When everything is designed, tested and developed there are still some considerations. This will depend on the type of product below are some common topics that might need your attention.
We know it’s boring but we suggest you get to work on your legal documents as early as possible. They take longer to write than you might imagine and will inevitably postpone the launch date if left till the last minute. The most common ones are the cookie policy, the privacy policy and the terms and conditions.

There are some online tools out there that can be useful. For cookie policy and privacy policy we recomend Iubenda
Cookie Policy
You can’t get around this one. As soon as you implement google analytics you’ll need a cookie policy. There are a handful of different tools that can help you generate a cookie policy, and we’ll gladly offer our recommendations.
Privacy policy
The privacy policy is needed whenever you save data about your users. Privacy policies state how your company collects, stores and uses the data from the site.
Terms and conditions
The terms and conditions are required whenever you make an app. It’s not a requirement for a website, but it’s always a good idea to include as it sets the rules the user must agree to before using the site.
Hosting (HostedByAju)
If you wish to host your solution at ajukreizi, this is possible. We offer different plans for different tasks and needs.

Head over to and see the solutions we are offering.
App Stores & Google Play
When releasing an app you have to have a developer account for the Apple App Store and Google Play. They each charge a relatively small fee and have an approval process. Google Play generally has a much faster approval process than the app store, both in terms of approving your account and your app.

Click here to enroll in Apple’s developer program
Click here to sign up as a Google Play developer
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The happy ever after