Chapter 6
The happy ever after
When your product has been let loose upon the world, we’re still there to give advice in time of need.
The client is the owner
When a project is done, the client is always the single owner of the product. That includes the code, the design and all files connected to it.
We love to follow the products. Thats why the life of most of the things we do, don’t end when we deliver. Testing, analyzing and future developing on a project, is always something we strive for.
Maintaining your product
Remember to keep your product or service up-to date. Depending on your concept, you might need to set aside time to update content, prices etc. This is not necessarily a full-time job, but it’s worth considering how to structure the day to day maintenance.
Updates and changes
From time to time Google and Apple update their terms of service, this might require you to make some changes to the app in order to comply with the new requirements. Other changes in the environment rarely occur. You might encounter changes in an integration of a service you’re using (such as Facebook), this will usually be flagged beforehand. We always make an agreement with the client about this when planning the project.
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